Polyvinyl alcohol

It is a product widely used in the adhesives sector (wood / cardboard / construction), and its grinding is recommended in the greatest number of applications.


Polyvinyl alcohol is a water soluble synthetic polymer.
Its chemical formula is[CH₂CH] n. It is colorless and odorless


It has very good adhesive properties. Its solubility in water allows for example to be used in dishwasher detergents that are encapsulated. Commonly used to make casts, paper casts, And similars that require adherent layers


Melting higher than + 300ºC.


Product on the rise and novel in terms of milling. In the last 5 years, production has gone from 20T per year to 1000T per year worldwide.


Paper making

Drywall panels for construction.

Thickener and Stabilizer

Thickener and emulsion stabilizer in PVAc adhesive formulations and a variety of coatings

Gluing of textile warps

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