Mixes, sieved, repackaged.

V mixer

Ideal for solid powder products, as there is no friction, it does not melt and products with low melts can be mixed. Applicable to adhesives and dry coloring and pigmentation.

Vertical mixer

Ideal for large mixing proportions, up to 8000kg (apparent density 1), especially PELLETS.

The vertical mixer does not work continuously, the proportions are applied to it and it is necessary to wait for the cycle to end to obtain a good homogenization of the% of each product.

High performance.


Horizontal Mixer

It can be fed continuously if the products are affordable thanks to the dispensers that allow introducing the appropriate pre-weighed proportions for the correct mixture.

The difference lies in the fact that the horizontal one can work continuously while the other two types are required to finish the cycle, once the proportions have been entered, you have to wait a while to obtain a good homogenization and obtain the required dispersion.

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