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Powder Plastic Europe was born at the end of 2014 in the province of Tarragona, Spain, in order to provide micronization services in different industrial sectors that require their powdered products. Our facilities allow us to grind and mix any type of product, among others, always under a prior test.

The philosophy of Powder Plastic is to cover all the productive needs in addition to complying with the technical requirements of the clients, always offering a quality service in the minimum established time.


Our services


  • 4 cryogenic grinding lines
  • 5 ambient grinding lines
  • Any type of polymer


  • 8000L vertical mixer
  • Mixer Type V 3000L
  • 2000L horizontal mixer
  • Both in pellets and in powder, we mix any polymer in the desired proportions.


  • Exclusively RECYCLING for Powder’s own customers
  • Latex and PET sector


  • From sack to big bag
  • From big bag to sack
  • From octavin to sack
  • From sack to octavin
  • Others





When working with Powder


Quality professionals with long experience in the plastic chemical sector. Knowledgeable about the processes and with the necessaryexpertise. Several CCAA technology centers trust Powder Plastic.


When grinding into powder, the difference in product densities is avoided and an adequate homogenization and dispersion for each client is obtained.


In the production area, we have machinery to meet the needs of all our customers.


  1. Certified with UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015

2. Total area of 6000 m² of facilities, divided into two warehouses. 4,000 m² of interior warehouses and another 2,000 m² outside.



Among the different thermoplastics that we grind, several confer suitable adhesive properties for sectors such as textile, technical, cosmetic etc. We also work for a very varied type of clients:


Polymer coloration and additivation sector where the powder is necessary for an ideal dispersion between the raw material filler and the pigment of thermoplastic resins.

Rotational molding

In the sector of rotomolding or rotational molding, grinding is necessary to fill the mold before going through the oven.

Polyvinyl alcohol

Product widely used in the adhesives sector (wood / cardboard / construction) which is necessary to grind for depending on which applications.

Conveyor Belt

(Conveyor Belt): The powder product is essential, such as TPU, EVA and PVC for the manufacture of conveyor belts for airports, ATMs and food production lines.

3d print

Use of fine powder (less than 80 microns) in any type of polymer for companies with technology POWDER BED FUSION (PBF): additive manufacturing technology.

Industrial hygiene

Use of powdered polymers for hand cleaning and industrial hygiene sector.

Rolling mills

It is necessary to use the powder as an adhesive for products such as EVA, TPU and PCL.


Recovery of losses / tares from the factory itself (crushing and grinding) to incorporate it back into the manufacturing process.

Cryogenic mills


Cryogenization is a word whose origin comes from the Greek, “ kryos , which means cold. Starting from this base, we work with materials that require crystallization at sub-zero temperatures with molecular nitrogen ( N 2 ) in its grinding process.

Leaders in latex grinding


With a crushing of 300 kilos per month we are pioneers of recycling in this aspect

Commitment to the environment

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